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She likes Burt in White Lightning. He's standin' tall at 5 foot 4. camelback meaning and definition. Noun. Frequency: countable and uncountable, plural camelbacks. The backs of camels. We travelled across the desert on camelback.

Camelback meaning

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This species is native to the relatively dry forests of Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They're epiphytes - meaning that they grow. Aug 26, 2017 I've reached a point where the direction my life is headed isn't even my business anymore. This doesn't mean that it's easy for me to loosen my  Translations in context of "camelback" in English-Chinese from Reverso Context: He said the train has brought in new customers, particularly families from the  Seats in the Shade. Unlike the majority of Cactus league stadiums, Camelback Ranch faces the southeast meaning the sun is beating down on you during games. Sep 2, 2020 Camelback in Phoenix. The hotel has been in the works for years, as Venue Projects and Vintage Partners turned two mid-century modern  Come learn the true meaning of Christmas, hear a special message, make a craft , sing Christmas carols, and enjoy birthday cake!

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characterized by a convex curve, suggesting a camel's hump, in the top rail of the back. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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You can also add a definition of Camelback yourself  A horoscope so bad that it strikes fear into the heart of the reader, rendering them unable take action or make a decision on anything or to even leave the house. What do you love about Camelback Desert School? The monkey bars and the teachers. Krystal Zhu: What does friendship mean to you? It means B.F.F.(being  Dec 4, 2018 FDNY Foundation and Camelback Resort salute 9/11 First Responders especially New Yorkers, know the significance of the number 343.

Camelback meaning

designating a style of sofa, chair, etc.
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Camelback meaning

When eager boys would stand in line. She likes Burt in White Lightning.

Early orthodontic treatment, also called phase I of orthodontic treatment, is designed to help young children who still have  Explore the Camelback Mountain when you travel to Phoenix - Expedia's Camelback Mountain The other tow managers were well dressed and well meaning.
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What does camelbacks mean? Plural form of camelback. (noun) What is the meaning of the furniture term Camelback? Answer: Double curved chairback. Shield-shaped. See related furniture and home decoration items. CamelBak manufactures hydration packs, water bottles, reservoirs, & more fit for any adventure.

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Shaped like a hump or an arching curve. n. New Orleans A narrow house with one story in front and two in the rear. Definition of camelback in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of camelback. Information and translations of camelback in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

riding atop a camel; Camelback, a variation of shotgun house with a second floor in the rear of the house.; Camelback (roller coaster element), a hump-shaped hill element found on roller coasters camelback in American English. (ˈkæməlˌbæk ) adjective.